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Guiding Light Farm is a one acre hobby farm just south of Rockford, Illinois.  Our “farm” currently consists of seven Nigerian Dwarf goats, four chickens (that mostly free range), three dogs, one cat and one Blue Quaker Parrot. Our family consists of me (Dawn) who does MOST of the work with all the animals, but my family does help too! My husband, Phil, who LOVES to build things with pallets. Our oldest son, Jesse, who now lives in Minnesota and our youngest son, Philip, who still lives here with us.

We are new to Nigerian Dwarf goats (2017) but we have wanted them for YEARS so we are excited to finally be here to share ours with you! We have done a lot of research and worked hard to get some of the best Nigerian Dwarf goats we could! If you are new to goats, I HIGHLY SUGGEST you take as much time as possible to think about what your end goals are for your goats (showing, milking, pets, etc) and purchased based off those goals – as it will matter which lines of goats you get for which goals you have. Price will also be different between each.

Our goal is to have amazing animals that are family friendly as well as fill the milk pail! We strive for an overall excellent example of the Nigerian Dwarf goat! We have researched lines and purchased with some of the best! We look forward to seeing how our lines do as we continue moving forward with this adventure.

You shall have enough goats’ milk for your food,
For the food of your household,
And the nourishment of your maidservants.
Proverbs 27:27

We’re glad you are here – take some time to look around and enjoy our amazing animals! Please feel free to contact me — I’m ALWAYS happy to “talk goats”!

Dawn Winters
Oregon, Illinois
779-210-9045 (call or text)
Guiding Light Farm on Facebook

Herd tested negative for CAE, CL and Johne’s February 2019.

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