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Disbudding & Castrating

I am by NO MEANS an expert! I am putting this here for my own reference but hoping others may find it helpful too. One thing I’ve found with goats is that very rarely is there an “everyone agrees” with regards to disbudding and casterating. Investigate for yourself and come up with your own plan. This is mine based off the information I recieved from the initial breeders of our goats as well as other online sources. (Note: I’m adding information as I have time. Currently “under construction” as of 2/9/19.)


We are planning to use a Rhinehart X30. (Some recommend the X50 but it seems the majority like the X30.) Currently this tool runs about $80.

From what I understand you want to do this when the babies are between 4 – 10 days old. Once you feel the nub and BEFORE it has broken through.


We will be using this castration tool which costs about $20. The GREEN bands are the proper size for dwarf goats. Those cost about $3 for a bag of 100. (Someone said to store them in the fridge as it keeps them from drying out and getting brittle?)

We are planning to castrate our boys between the ages of 9 – 12 weeks.


Fias Co Farm is an EXCELLENT website for an EXTENSIVE amount of FREE information on goats. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!