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Medicine Chest

I am by NO MEANS an expert! I am putting this here for my own reference but hoping others may find it helpful too. One thing I’ve found with goats is that very rarely is there an “everyone agrees” with regards to medications. Investigate for yourself and come up with your own plan. This is mine based off the information I recieved from the initial breeders of our goats as well as other online sources. (Note: I’m adding information as I have time. Currently “under construction” as of 1/20/19.)

CDT shot – Given to mom 1 month prior to kidding. Given to babies at 1 month and 2 months after birth then yearly. (This helps with overeating and tetanus.) I get this from Tractor Supply.  2 cc SubQ (under skin, not in muscle) per goat regardless of age.

Probios. I get this from Tractor Supply.

Bounce Back. I get this from Tractor Supply.

Needles (20 G x 1). I get these at Big R.

Syringe (3 ml) I get this from Tractor Supply. [1 ml = 1 cc]

Digital Thermometer. Normal adult goat temp under normal circumstances should be between 102 and 103 degrees F.

It seems, in general and overall, goat people do NOT recommend regular worming due to then having resistance issues. So, a fecal is always suggested prior to worming so you know what medicine to give specifically. There is also something called the FAMACHA score using the mucous membranes of the bottom eyelid which is based off something like this:

For kidding (2019 will be our first year kidding so this is based off what I’ve found others have recommended the most)

Molasses – in a bucket of warm water for mom after birthing babies (to give her a little energy boost)
Alfalfa pellets – for mom (for added protein and will help with milk production)
XS dog coats – for babies, if needed
Gloves (short and long)
hand wash
dental floss (to cut umbilical cord)
Iodine – to dip umbicial cord and hooves – this should be done within an hour of birth
Small cup (for iodine dip)

Fias Co Farm is an EXCELLENT website for an EXTENSIVE amount of FREE information on goats. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!